Photoshop 4 Photographers 2017

Biggest course ever

Photoshop for Photographer CC 2017. This course will take you through all the basics of retouching raw files, HDR, Panoramas and Black and White photography. We will spend a lot of time on sky replacement and in addition I will give you as part of this course all my new skies (shot in super high resolution format) from all over the world.


will also look at how to remove anything, a lot of special effects and my full workflow for retouching the skin of a model shot in a studio, as well as retouching the skin of a regular guy.

I tried to make each video about 5 to 10 minutes long, so you can just jump in on the one you need. Every example has some of my best photos from around the world.

As usual I try to explain everything using simple words, baby steps and a lot of examples.

This will take your photos to an entirely new level and is by far the course I’m the most proud of!

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The Great Abyss Photo

Creative Director and Photoshop Guru Rikard Rodin takes you through the entire process of creating a composite inspired by the Photoshop splash screen.

Photo Serge, Photoshop splash screen, Composites

Learn how to use the “offset” and “polar coordinates” filters in Photoshop to create breathtaking composites—turning your landscape photography into works of art.

Length: 1 Hour 21 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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Noiseless – Software from Macphun

Your one and only revolutionary noise reduction software for the Mac to save your low-light photos.

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When do I need noise reduction?

Lack of light together with high ISO make photos look grainy no matter you take photos with your phone or a DSLR camera. Image noise consists of randomly colored pixels that you cannot see on your little camera screen. When it is time to print the pics or display them on a huge screen, you may get upset. Zoom the photo to 200% to find out if there is any noise.


What do I get with Noiseless? Proprietary denoise tool for recreating true details of your photo.


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System Requirements:
For OS X 10.9+, 182 MB space

Latest version:
1.3.1 (18 December 2015)

Scottish Highlands Photo Composite

In this course digital artist Julius Kähkönen will reveal his secrets on how to draw and create realistic mountains in Photoshop. Including 10 amazing source files and 10 super in depth lessons. The end result will bring you into a surreal, yet stunning setting in the Scottish Highlands. Including clipping masks, drawing-, blending- and composing techniques. Julius also reveals his unique lighting and color grading techniques.

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In this course digital artist Julius Kähkönen will teach you how to create his masterpiece from 5 different photos and make them blend into each other in a very realistic and unique way!

Including perspective tricks, water reflections, color grading and lighting adjustments. The outcome transports you to an amazing setting in mysterious Japan. Julius is one of the fastest growing digital artists on instagram.

VisionMongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography

For those who want to make the transition into the world of vocational photography―staying true to your craft and vision, while fusing that craft with commerce VisionMongers is a great place to begin your journey. With a voice equally realistic and encouraging, photographer David duChemin discusses the experiences he’s had, the lessons he’s learned, and the practices he’s adopted in his own winding journey to becoming a successful working photographer.

When it comes to this personal, honest combination of craft and commerce, there is no single path to success. Everyone’s goals are different, as is everyone’s definition of success. As such, VisionMongers does not prescribe a one size-fits-all program. Instead, duChemin candidly shares ideas, wisdom, and inspiration to introduce you to, and help you navigate, the many aspects of transforming your passion into your vocation. He addresses everything from the anxiety-riddled question “Am I good enough?” to the basics―and beyond―of marketing, business, and finance, as well as the core assumption that your product is great and your craft is always improving.