Desert Trip Photography Experience

With contributions curated across a dozen renowned photographers’ image archives, plus selections from Getty Images, the Desert Trip Photography Experience offers one of the largest collections of vintage rock imagery ever assembled. It is a once-in-a-lifetime look at six of rock’s biggest acts through the lenses of many of the music’s most revered witnesses.

Desert Trip Photography Experience

A one-of-a-kind, 36,000 square foot exhibit with over 200 classic and rarely seen images from rock’s glorious heyday with selections from Getty Images and featuring the work of over a dozen of the biggest names in rock & roll photography

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Drones Try to Assemble a Layer Cake in This…

The ad’s playful, haphazard tone is refreshing—both as a fun tech twist on the clichéd image of kids painting a kitchen with batter and whipped cream, and as a welcome departure from the drone-themed ads that emphasize the beauty of aerial robot choreography as if it were ballet, or its dramatic effect as a super-cool new innovation. (via Adweek)

Drones Try to Assemble a Layer Cake in This…

A team of little flying robots assembles a three-tier confection by airlifting genoise, splashing icing, firing candies out of a makeshift cannon and even lighting a sparkler with a blow torch—all in a new ad for Norwegian telecoms company Telia.

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Winners of the 2016 British Wildlife…

Winners of the 2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards 📷: George Stoyle

Winners of the 2016 British Wildlife…

The British Wildlife Photography Awards just announced the 2016 winners of their annual competition in categories including Animal Behavior, Animal Portraits, Urban Wildlife, and an overall winner. The awards, established in 2009, aim to highlight photographers working in the UK, while also showcasing the biodiversity, species, and habitats found in Britain. 📷: George Stoyle

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About SmugMug – Quote from the site

brag-1In 2002, when Internet companies were collapsing right and left, we decided to start SmugMug—a safe, beautiful home for our photos. We were two passionate photographers who happened to be father and son going up against the likes of Microsoft, Yahoo!, Canon, and Kodak—but we did it anyway. We were too excited about the future of photography and technology to be reasoned with.”

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